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The Power to Move You: Trucks and Service Vehicles

Whatever it is you need to move, we’ll provide you with the right machines for the job.

For construction materials, waste and equipment, we offer a full line of well-maintained trucks and trailers.

Choose from trucks of various lengths, capacities and configurations capable of undertaking light to heavy hauling works. 

And for our clients’ vehicular needs we have an extensive, young fleet of vans, buses and utility vehicles. All well maintained guided by the manufacturer’s standard for optimal operation efficiency for your peace of mind.

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Equipment Manufacturer Capacity
Water Tanker Fuso 20,000L
Isuzu 10,000L
Dump Truck Howo 15 m3
Isuzu 15 m3
Wheel Loader Hino 3000L
Isuzu 2000L
Boom Truck Hino 3.7t
Hyundai 8t
Isuzu 8t
Knuckle Boom Truck Hino 4t
4x2 Drop Side / Cargo Truck Hino 1.5t 4W / 3.5t 6W
Hyundai 1t 4W
Isuzu 1t 4W / 3.5t 6W
Mini Dump Truck Hino 2.6 cu.m
Isuzu 1.5 cu.m
Dump Trailer Howo 35 cu.m
4x4 Pickup Isuzu D-Max 5-seater
4x2 Pickup Isuzu D-Max 5-seater
4x2 Passenger Van Kia 20-seater
Mini Van / AUV Isuzu Crosswind 10-seater
Toyota Avanza 9-seater
Van Toyota Hi-Ace 14-seater
Mini Bus Hyundai County Bus 28-seater
Bus Isuzu Bus 60-seater